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Training and Skills Development.


Critical commercial and personal skills are required by many professional business people in wide and varied roles.

The traditional ‘training course’ however simply fails to have any long term impact on an individual’s capability. This stems from the fact that there is insufficient attention spent on relating the skills needed, to the specific product or service context and to the individual’s own personality, style and ability.

Our Approach

Our approach to skill development is both practical and pragmatic, based upon our experience as training and marketing specialists. We believe fundamentally in a collaborative approach to training and development working with clients rather than simply for them. This approach encourages ownership and helps to ensure lasting benefit through skills transference.

Training Workshops

The broad themes of most workshops we run to help achieve our clients identified development objectives are:

  • Interpersonal influencing and coaching skills

  • Consultative & Empathy Selling Techniques

  • Customer Service Excellence

  • Marketing Excellence.

  • Strategic Management.

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