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Even if your strategy is clear and your objectives are set, there are many challenges all businesses like yours face to ensure they thrive as well as survive.

Here are a number of questions that business people like you are asking every day…

How can I...

  • Improve my business performance?

  • Fast track priority improvement projects?

  • Understand my markets?

  • Benchmark my competitors?

  • Target my best prospects?

  • Retain more good customers?

  • Secure and protect my best customers?

  • Get my team to “innovate” and “think out of the box”?

You need clear information on your markets and your competitors.

You also need to turn this into workable plans, often with limited resources.

Thompson Strategy Works provides services which can help you to;

  • identify your competitors’ key strengths and weaknesses versus your own

  • discover the things that are turning your customers “on” - and “off”

  • plan where to focus improvement efforts for best effect

  •  implement results driven projects using an interim ‘bolt-on’ expert as part of your existing marketing team.


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